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Helpfull links

EUROPA - EU website the official portal of the European Union in all 23 EU official languages
Euronews the website of the Euronews TV channel;
EurActiv.com the best news site dedicated to the events of a United Europe, and the ideal to which our portal aspires;
EUobserver.com no less wonderful news portal about the EU;
Europolitics.info the daily updated news portal about events in the EU (latest articles require subscription);
Presseurop.eu the news site that publishes daily reviews of the best articles of more than 200 European newspapers and magazines;
Charlemagne"s notebook the blog of the Brussels correspondent of The Economist;

Eastern approaches

the blog of The Economist correspondent, writing about the ex-Communist European countries;
CVCE / European Navigator wonderful site with many materials about the history and process of European integration;
CEPS the site of one of the most famous think-tanks engaged in European research in Brussels (many interesting analytical publications in the public domain);
Centre for European Reform the site of the London-based think-tank engaged in research of the EU (a lot of useful material in the public domain);
АЕВИС the website of the Russian Association of European studies;
Вся Европа the Internet magazine "All Europe", with constantly updated analytics of the EU;