Model of the European Union Conference

The Model of the European Union is the leading student political conference that models the activity of one of the largest and most significant organizations of the modern world - the European Union. Participants of the Model, acting in the role of European politicians, diplomats and functionaries, journalists and lobbyists, get an idea of the work of the EU “from within”. During the conference, participants become acquainted with some of the working mechanisms of the European Union in practice, gain an unforgettable experience of conducting bilateral and multilateral negotiations, and practice in mastery of persuasion and public speech.


|The Model of the European Union is equally interesting both for young specialists in the field of international relations and for those who are just about to start studying this difficult but demanded profession. The participants of the event can be both undergraduates and master students of the School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University, as well as their colleagues from other universities of Russia and the world who are interested in the issues of modern political science, economics, jurisprudence and history of international relations, as well as applicants from St. Petersburg State University. Of course, not all the roles and "positions" in the EU and within the framework of our Model are the same in complexity of execution: there are more complex and simpler ones aimed more at drafting bills and more appealing to the audience, but we are sure that, regardless of the specific role, participants will enjoy and learn something new at our conference.

The work of the international St. Petersburg Student Model of the EU models the following institutes and institutions of the European Union: the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers, the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, the Economic and Social Committee. In addition, participants can choose the role of a lobbyist or journalist and feel the influence of pressure groups and the press on the decision-making system in the European Union, as well as claiming the role of an active observer from one of the leading non-EU countries.

The Secretariat of the St. Petersburg Student EU Model invites you to become one of 200 participants in the largest political game in Russia, in practice exploring the secrecy and intricacies of European politics.

You can get more information about the EU Model on its website.


Model of the EU 16-19 March 2018

The EU Model is a great way to understand what the European Union breathes, thinks about and how it makes decisions. Whatever the relations between Russia and the EU were yesterday, are today or will be tomorrow, knowledge, understanding and respect for each other"s traditions, cultural and political features have always been the basis for achieving political understanding, mutual respect and building a model for the future development of cooperation. read more

Model of the EU 24-28 March 2017

The regular EU Model 2017 game has come to an end. This year, the participants discussed the topical problems of the EU development, the prospects of EU cooperation with other states, as well as issues of internal development and transformation of the common European economy. read more

Model of the EU 11-15 March 2016

From 11th to 15th March, St. Petersburg University became the venue for the 10th St. Petersburg Student European Union Model. The roles of heads of state and government, ministers of EU member states, eurodeputies and commissioners, representatives of the diplomatic corps and journalists of independent media were tried on by more than 280 students and pupils from 10 Russian cities. read more