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Scientific conferences devoted to the research of European studies and the development prospects of European society, as well as to Russia"s cooperation with the countries of the European Union are organized and held within the framework of the Jean Monnet Department and the Centre of Excellence every year.

Round table: Resilience in the EU and Russia

On October 20, 2017, the round table "Resilience in the EU and Russia" was held in St. Petersburg State University, organized and conducted under the guidance of Tatyana Romanova, PHD in political science, assistant professor of St. Petersburg State University. Despite the fact that the scale of the event was relatively small, specialists from several countries gathered there. read more

Theories and Methods in Russia and Abroad

Studying EU-Russian Relations: Theories and Methods in Russia and Abroad27-28 June 2017 read more

28-29 June 2016. Studying EU-Russian Relations: Research Agenda in Russia and in the West

The conference addresses the difference in studies of EU-Russian relations in Russia and abroad, which contributed to failures in the practice of EU-Russian relations. In this period of mutual reproaches and disengagement, the idea is to look at how research communities on both sideshave contributed to the crisis and what can be done in research terms to overcome it, what mistakes have to be recognised on both sides and what bridges can be built in the epistemic community. read more

International Academic Jean Monnet conference EU-Russia relations: which way forward?

June 26-27, 2015, St. Petersburg State University hosted the International Conference on the Research Project. Jean Monnet "Relations between Russia and the European Union: Transnational Perspective". The conference was the result of a research project of four universities - St. Petersburg State University, University of Kent (UK), Carlton University (Canada) and Mainz University Johann Gutenberg (Germany). read more